The Good Stuff

Shannon is an excellent and very professional RTT Coach & Hypnotherapist. She knows how to make her clients feel safe to open up and talk about the most delicate issues without any hesitations.

I felt an immediate connection with her and we ended up working together in 3 sessions. All sessions were touching different issues I wanted to work on.

She is very good when it comes to listening and picking up the words to work with. She was carefully looking for connections and helping me be perfectly clear as to why and when I acquired my issues.

She truly made me feel and then realize that I am moving on and letting go of the past forever. She makes sure she wont leave a stone unturned when it comes to finding the right words, feelings and thoughts to be dealt with.

I am enormously thankful for her. Shannon helped me on my journey that is now only getting better and better. The issues we were working on kept me stuck for a very long time and some of them were so deeply buried, they needed a proper digging, which she did successfully.

I would recommend her to anyone who needs a powerful transformation or just feeling good about letting go of old issues. She is absolutely brilliant.

- Tiina, London UK

I found RTT to be a completely unique experience.  It is very easy and even fun.  You basically just embrace the process, let go of your “issue” and see where your subconscious takes you.  And the results are quite amazing!  The most interesting aspect of the whole process for me was that it didn’t just address the issue I was looking for help with (ocular migraines), but it made positive adjustments to my whole being.  The original issue resolved itself quite quickly, but more exciting was the new mindset I took into other areas of my life.  It broadened and empowered me  in ways I wasn’t even expecting.  In the past when I have seen a counselor with normal talk therapy, the resolution to problems were elusive and the process very slow.  RTT just sidesteps all the couch time and goes straight to dismantling the negative mental constructs that hold you back, so you can get on with making your life more amazing.

- H.P.

Senior Project Manager

Shannon has been one of my favorite teachers and coaches for many years now. Working with her is always always helpful and inspiring but her latest offering RTT Hypnotherapy has helped me turn the page on a very messy divorce and gigantic job transition with jaw dropping speed. I knew from wellness coaching and personal training how important and powerful the subconscious can be but had no idea that changes could be made so quickly and for the most part effortlessly. While this isn't the only therapy I am using to start this new chapter in life, it's KEY because it has cleared out the "basement junk" so I can with very little effort do the other things that are keeping me on my healing path. Suddenly my Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Prayer and Mediation are completely in the flow and easy to fit into my schedule. I'm finding other self care practices that I've struggled with are also simply falling into place. If you are looking to make big changes in a short amount of time with one of the most brilliant shining life coaches around, then RTT with Shan is for you. Please feel free to email me if you would like to know more about my life-altering experience with her. This investment will come back to you in many wonderful and unexpected ways.

If you are thinking of working with Shannon to free yourself from any challenge you are facing...take it from me, think no more! Book a consultation! Having spent YEARS (and tears!) engaging in various therapies and self help material to help overcome self criticism and self limiting patterns, a single RTT session with Shannon identified the very root cause underlying my difficulties. FINALLY I can understand why all my earnest conscious efforts to overcome my difficulties were failing (due to sub conscious patterns I wasn't even aware of!) Combined with Shannon's impeccable professionalism, empathy, compassion, intuition and extensive experience, my RTT with Shannon has given me a sense of freedom and self understanding I didn't know possible. Her warmth, wisdom and empathy allowed me to feel totally comfortable to share vulnerable feelings, knowing I was in an expert safe pair of hands and her attention to detail left me feeling cared for and valued. I am so grateful to you Shannon and I cannot recommend working with Shannon more highly. Thank you so much. 

- Jen, London UK

To know yourself – your full potential, your deepest passions, your joy, your freedom – this is the gift given when you work with Shannon. She is a powerful guide in helping you gain clarity and self love.

—Janet Bray Attwood Co-author of the NY Times bestseller, ‘The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose’

I’m delighted to recommend Shannon McLean to you. She’s an amazing woman – intelligent, perceptive and completely trustworthy. I love her ability to get to the heart of a matter quickly, and the way she looks for solutions. Her intuition amazes me. She’s been spot on more than once with me. I hope you get to work with her. I know you’ll be as impressed as I am.

—Wendy Nichols, author of eBook series, Dare to Be Loved, Australia

Working with Shannon was a blessing for me. She has a high level of confidence, the kind that let’s you really relax into your process because you know that you are held and supported. That’s when amazing shifts happen!

—Josephine Auciello, w\Women’s Empowerment & Relationship Coach, entrepreneur, author, Toronto Canada.

Shannon McLean has a gift of helping people see and create the beautiful life they could be living. Her work will liberate you by showing you how to make conscious choices to live the life of your dreams.

-Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy
for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

I would recommend Shannon to anyone who is searching for more fulfillment, whether in love, business, friendships, or family. For me, Shannon helped immensely during a very difficult time surrounding the end of a relationship. She assisted me in finding clarity when things seemed so cloudy and muddled. It was such an uncomfortable, frightening, and confusing feeling to struggle with the heartbreak and lack of understanding. 
However, even during a very painful time when my mind was shadowed with hurt and chaos, Shannon had the ability to reveal some perspective and initiate the forward momentum. She has an amazing way of asking the pointed questions that lead to finding what is in the heart and mind, in terms of recognizing and navigating the path that is in alignment with a person’s true self. And when that path is identified, she has the significant gift of leading you through those realizations through the never ending lesson of choice.She teaches the process of self-realization, as she does not tell you what to do or the choices to make. However, she is direct and matter of fact, thus getting to the heart of the matter quickly. She is very patient, open, and accepting, which allows the sharing of some of the most vulnerable topics or concerns. She is encouraging in an empowering way, and her support of you as a person on this journey is apparent. There is no doubt she has your best interest at heart and wants the best for you….whatever you determine that to be for yourself! She has incredible insights that she shares in a relevant, meaningful way, from her extensive reading, studying, and human interest. 
Shannon has the perfect blend of understanding, authenticity, honesty, intuition, and clarity that are combined into a beautifully unique person, who tirelessly offers choices to people wanting change. She has my highest respect and confidence.

—Kristin B. Ketchum, Idaho

I have worked with Shannon on several occasions and here are just a couple of examples of working with her… EFT… After years of personal growth work, intellectually, I had things sorted out but I was looking to re-program my sub-conscious! When I first started working with Shannon, she used EFT to get to the root of old belief patterns and cleared them out! I had suffered from chronic shoulder pain for years, which totally flared up when the stress in my life increased. Through EFT, she was able to pinpoint the source of the pain, which turned out to be emotional. The results were immediate. The pain went away and if I ever start to feel it again or get stuck in my old habits, I now have the tools to clear it out. Passion test… Something magical happened to me when I turned 40. It was like I woke up from a long sleep and suddenly, I knew that I was not living my life for me. Instead, I had created a life of “safety” and putting others first. I had suppressed my creativity to the point that I no longer recognized “how” I was creative. 
Through the Passion Test exercises, Shannon not only helped me to reconnect with my creative self, what my real priorities and passions were, but how to create markers to identify if the choices I made on a daily basis to make sure my actions were in line that part of myself. I highly recommend the Passion Test work because it helped me to get out of my head and into my heart, connect with my true self, and have the tools to live my life in a more authentic way.

—Chrissy S. Boise, Idaho

Life’s journey is filled with choices. We choose our paths through our own personal experiences; sometimes easy, sometimes not. I started working with Shannon I because I was stuck. I thought I just wanted to find another job. Shannon’s compassionate nature coupled with her tough questions and knowledgeable guidance through EFT helped me take a step back and explore what was truly at issue. She actively listened, keeping me focused on my objectives and offering resources to stay balanced and moving forward. Her approach is straightforward, pragmatic, emotionally honest, and results-oriented; I discovered it wasn’t about the job at all. Shannon is committed to and enthusiastic about coaching and it shows through her dedication and support. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure what direction you want to go in, or what your end goal is, consider Shannon if want or need to make a change!

—K. Horvath